Monday, June 24, 2013

Mr. Striebeck and His Amazing Pet Squirrel

After he retired as a plasterer, Harry Striebeck settled down to a quiet life with his wife Elizabeth and adult daughter, Margaret, at his home at 606 North Bosart Avenue in Emerson Heights.  Mr. Striebeck kept a meticulous yard and even trained a squirrel as a beloved pet.  In these photos, taken c1945, Mr. Striebeck sits or stands in his backyard with his well-heeled squirrel.  In the top two photos, Mr. Striebeck relaxes next to his garage in the backyard.  Behind him, vines are beginning to grow up his trellises.  In front of him, sits the family lawnmower.  In the third photo, the elderly man stands and feeds his squirrel, which is perched on the family lawn chair.  Behind Mr. Striebeck, you can see the rear of 606 and 610 North Bosart Avenue.  Note the awnings on the windows and the broom hanging from the back porch of his neighbor's home.  A metal tub sits atop the cistern and is apparently filled with flowers.  This little slice of life was recently developed from some negatives from the collection belonging to Margaret Striebeck.  Miss Striebeck passed away in 1976.

Harry Striebeck and his new friend c1945 in the backyard and next to the garage at 606 N. Bosart Avenue

Squirrel on the lap of Harry Striebeck (606 N. Bosart) c1945

Harry Striebeck feeds a pet squirrel. Behind him, you can see both 606 and 610 North Bosart Avenue c1945

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