Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Irvington Methodist Church Then and Now

This beautiful Tudor-Revival structure has graced the "north" circle since 1925. Designed by architect, Herbert Foltz, the church replaced an earlier building on Layman Avenue.  (now a parking lot for businesses along East Washington Street) Mr. Foltz decided to position the structure towards Lowell Avenue rather than tear down the double-gabled home that faced East Washington Street.  The dwelling had been occupied by both the Forrest and Howe families.  Thomas Carr Howe would later become the President of Butler University and for whom Irvingtonians named their local high school in 1938.  His home now serve as offices and school space for the church.  The intersection of Lowell Avenue and North Audubon Road is one of the loveliest in the city of Indianapolis.

Irvington Methodist Church c1930

Irvington Methodist Church on June 3, 2013

Forrest-Howe Manse now incorporated into the Irvington Methodist Church


  1. Prior to the mid 1950s, the plan view of the church was a symmetrical cross (with two cross pieces). In the mid 50s, the space between the eastern two cross pieces was filled in with an addition for (I believe) office space.

  2. Thanks, Rick! Did you grow up in Irvington? I would love to feature your family if you did.