Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beechwood Avenue Crew--1930

When the Dickerson family and friend, Joe Roemmer (child with hat) gathered for this photo on March 10, 1930, most of the homes behind them were only three to five years old.  The Roemmers, native to Austria, dwelled at 5825 Beechwood Avenue in the home closest to the photographer.  Joseph Roemmer, Sr. was watchmaker and jeweler.  The 1930 Federal Census reveals that Mr. Roemmer and his wife Anna owned their small bungalow valued at $5,000.  Vivian, Robert, and Leland Dickerson enjoyed playing with young Joe.  They dwelled at 5823 Beechwood (not pictured).  Sadly, the most visible home in the photo, 5831 Beechwood Avenue, is in deplorable shape in 2013.  You may see it by clicking on a link below.

In front of 5825 Beechwood Avenue:  Joe Roemmer, Vivian Dickerson, Leland Dickerson,  and Robert Dickerson (seated) on March 10, 1930.

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