Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beechwood Avenue Then and Now

The Dickerson children (Vivian, Beverly, Robert and Leland) posed with their friend Joe Roemmer (holding the infant) along Beechwood Avenue most likely in 1930.  Notice the wonderful toy firetruck two of the kids are sitting in.  Behind them, you can clearly see 5820 (closest to the photographer), 5814, and 5806 Beechwood Avenue.

Edward and Etta Seibert dwelled at 5820 Beechwood Avenue in 1930 along with their chldren, Harold, Gertrude, and Mary.  The Seiberts owned the home valued at $5000.  Mr. Seibert was the proprietor of an auto repair shop.  You will note that the contemporary photo shows that the stone porch has been removed.

The middle home at 5814 Beechwood Avenue is no longer standing and was likely near the end of its era in Irvington by the time this photo was snapped.  The Endsley family dwelled in the nineteenth-century home for decades.  It is unclear why the home was torn down, but a newer home was built on the lot in 1937.

Herman and Iona Knecht dwelled at 5806 Beechwood in 1930.  Mr. Knecht taught in the public schools while Mrs. Knecht stayed home to raise their sons Robert and William.

The Dickerson kids lived across the street at 5823 Beechwood Avenue while Joe Roemmer dwelled with his family at 5825 Beechwood.

5820, 5814, 5806 Beechwood Avenue c1930.  Pictured: Vivian, Beverly, Leland, Robert Dickerson and Joe Roemmer

5820, 5814, and 5806 Beechwood Avenue in the final days of 2013.  
The historic image is courtesy of Leland Dickerson.


  1. So great to see this article. My family lived at 5820 Beechwood from 1959 to 1991!

  2. Bonnie, I would love to feature your family on this blog!! Contact me at Thanks for your comment!!