Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snippets of Life at a Beechwood Avenue Bungalow--1931

The Dickerson Family moved from Oregon to a variety of states before finally settling in Indianapolis.  Jesse Earl Dickerson worked as a fruit and vegetable inspector for the US Department of Agriculture.  Upon first arriving in Indianapolis in 1928, the family rented a small bungalow for $50 a month at 5823 Beechwood Avenue.  Esther Dickerson stayed at home and raised her four children in the house although they only stayed there for about five years before moving on to University Avenue.

In the top two historic images, taken in 1931, the Dickerson children gathered for photos in the backyard.  The boys, Leland and Robert, wore sailor suits.  The girls, Beverly and Vivian, were clad in dresses.

In the bottom photo, Leland Dickerson posed in his cowboy suit next to the family's 1926 Marmon automobile.  Marmons were produced on the westside of Indianapolis.  To see later snapshots of life in this home click on the Ferling link below.

Leland, Robert, Beverly, and Vivian Dickerson in the backyard of 5823 Beechwood Avenue in 1931

Leland and Robert Dickerson in backyard of 5823 Beechwood Avenue in 1931

Cowboy Leland Dickerson next to family Marmon at 5823 Beechwood Avenue in 1931
To see a contemporary image of this bungalow, click on the link below.  The historic images are courtesy of Leland Dickerson.


  1. Great Cowboy get up with the laced boots. In front of the automobile such a great photo.