Sunday, December 15, 2013

Church is Over--1955

In the summer of 1955, photographer Reuben L. Brullow (1616 North Bosart Avenue) set up his tripod and documented a typical day at the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  Some of his photos were to be used in a forthcoming history written to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the congregation. (1956)  In the top photo, adults chaperoned children to Sunday School along Johnson Avenue.  Through the trees and behind the church, you can see Maplewood Court.  Further down the block, you will note the American Four Square home at 27 Johnson Avenue and the rear of shops along East Washington Street. In the second photo, church members exit the building.  Some linger for conversation while others head for home. These historic images are courtesy of Bill Ferling and the Irvington Presbyterian Church.

Sunday School 1955 at the Irvington Presbyterian Church

Church is over--1955 at the Irvington Presbyterian Church

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