Monday, June 23, 2014

A Ride to Impress!

Fred Azbell looked quite dashing as he pulled up in front of 5024 East New York Street in 1934 in his Chrysler convertible.  Awaiting him was Vivian White, who likely snapped this shot. They later married and moved into 1115 North Butler Avenue.  Mr. Azbell operated an auto parts distribution business at 5019 East Michigan Street where he sold Bowes products.

Behind Mr. Azbell, you will note the three Craftsman era homes at 5017 (far right), 5021, and 5025 East New York Street.  The Haunss family dwelled in the larger home at 5017 East New York Street in 1934.  Fred W. Haunss and his wife Anna (a native of Belfast, Ireland) lived in the dwelling with his mother Caroline (a native of Baden, Germany) and their daughter Rosaleen. The home was valued at $7,000 in 1930.  The abode in the middle at 5021 East New York Street was owned by Karl W. and Lillie Hofmann in 1934. Their son, Karl, Jr. and his wife, Anna, also dwelled in the bungalow valued at $3800 in 1930.  Mr. Hofmann's parents hailed from Germany so perhaps some German was spoken between the neighbors.  The house at the left of photo was rented by Fred F. and Florence Lehr for $45 a month in 1934.  Mr. Lehr was accountant for the Van Camp Company. The couple also had a teenaged son named Melvin.  The Haunsses, Hofmanns, and Lehrs surely must have noticed the large Chrysler frequently appearing at the White household across the street.

Classy Ride:  Fred Azbell awaited Vivian White at 5024 East New York Street in 1934. Behind him you can see 5025, 5021, and 5017 East New York Street.  

5025, 5021, and 5017 East New York Street in 2014.

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