Friday, June 13, 2014

White Family Farm at 10th and Shadeland

George Washington White and his wife Nancy, along with their children, and several of his siblings arrived in Warren Township via covered wagon in 1837.  The White family purchased land on what is today the northeast corner of East Tenth Street and Shadeland Avenue.  The Whites owned many acres and their farm stretched north to 13th Street. They first built a log cabin near present day East 11th Street and Shadeland Avenue. The family eventually built a tall nineteenth-century farmhouse that faced East 10th Street. The farm passed to Salathial Azur White and his wife Mary Nichols White and they continued to dwell on the farm well into the twentieth century.  The 1920 Atlas of Marion County reveals that S.A. White still owned 80 acres of valuable real estate. Speculators and developers had begun buying up the area for new neighborhoods.  The Whites held onto the property until the mid-twentieth century.  They had already sold off parts of the farm for a development along 11th and Shadeland by the 1940s.   The farmhouse was eventually torn down and the entire area was redeveloped.

Theses historic photos captured not only the White family, but also views of the farm. The historic images are courtesy of Barbara Sanders, a descendant of George Washington and Nancy White.

Salathial Azur White, the son of George Washington and Nancy White, posed with his wife Mary Nichols White c1890. The Whites lived in a farmhouse in the 7000 block of East 10th Street.   

Pearl and Thomas Newton White posed with their daughters, Virginia and Vivian, at the White Farmhouse in the 7000 block of East 10th street c1915.  Note the house and barn behind the couple.  T. Newton White was the son of Salahial and Mary White.  

Family Reunion c1910 at the White Farmhouse:  Pictured--top row (left to right) Salathial Azur White, Effie Dell Olvey Seymour, Mary Nichols White, Mary Ellen Spilker White, Otis Welton Seymour; bottom row:Crystal Seymour, Thomas Newtow White, Pearl Seymour White

Home from World War I:  Glen White in uniform with Thomas Newton White at the White Farm in the 7000 block of East 10th Street c1919.  

Proud Uncle:  Glen White holds Virginia and Vivian White at the White Farm in the 7000 block of East 10th Street c1919.

Easter 1922:  Virginia and Vivian White posed for a photo at their grandparent's home in the 7000 block of East 10th Street.  

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