Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reunion at the White Farm--1937

The White family had been farming the land on the northeast corner of East Tenth and Shadeland Avenue for one hundred years when this photo was snapped in 1937.  All around them, neighbors sold their properties to developers and speculators who saw opportunities near the thriving community of Irvington. The Whites eventually developed part of their farm and called it Irving Ridge.  They planted crops until the 1940s.  This is the last known photo of the farmstead as it would be torn down by the early1950s for development.

Family Gathering 1937:  (left to right) Mary Nichols White, Vivian Azbell, Virginia White, Pearl White, Fanny Settles, Thomas Newton White and "Duke"

Duke the family dog patrols the White home located at East 10th and Shadeland Avenue in 1937
The historic images are courtesy of Barbara Sanders.  

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