Friday, June 20, 2014

New York Street Bungalow c1916 and 2014

T. Newton and Pearl Seymour White had this beautiful bungalow at 5024 East New York Street constructed in 1915. Sometime after the completion of the structure, a member of the family snapped this historic image.  It was a rainy day and there was no garage yet in the backyard.  Mrs. White soon gave birth to a baby girl so it is possible that the gate on the front porch was to keep little Virginia from wandering away from the house.  If you look closely, you can see that someone has planted a tree in the front yard.

The contemporary photo, taken in 2014, shows that little has changed on the house in its nearly one hundred years of existence.  The front door has been switched out, but amazingly the dwelling still retains its original stained clapboard siding.

The White home at 5024 East New York Street c1916

The White home on June 15, 2014

Thomas Newton and Virginia Aumann White in front of 5024 East New York Street on Easter Sunday, 1946 

The Whites had the smaller garage built first and then later added the larger garage. This photo was taken c1940. Only the larger structure remains in 2014.

Mrs. White hosted a baby shower for a member of her family on November 18, 1922 at 5024 East New York Street.  
The historic images are courtesy of Barbara Sanders.

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