Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Justus House

Walter Guy Justus started building houses in Indianapolis as early as 1910.  By the 1930s, he was known to build Tudor-Revival brick homes all over the city, but especially on the east side of Indianapolis.  Mr. Justus served as the contractor for dozens of homes in northern Irvington. Eventually, he and his wife Katie moved into 5233 East 10th Street, a Justus-built home, in 1939.  From his small, but tasteful front porch he could look out and see many other homes built by his company.  In this photo, snapped in 1939, Walter G. and Katie Justus posed on the sidewalk in front of their home. Across the street, you can see two homes on the north side of the 5300 block of East 10th Street.  Mr. Justus eventually retired and his son took over the family business for much of the remainder of the twentieth century.

Walter Guy and Katie Justus standing in front of 5233 East 10th Street in 1939

5233 East 10th Street in 2014
The historic photo is courtesy of the descendants of the Justus family via  

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