Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun Along South Audubon Road--1941

Barbara Jones (273 South Ritter Avenue) visited with friends in the early spring of 1941 in front of 303 South Audubon Road.  She was playfully "holding up" the young lad in front of her.  Behind the children, you can see the stone porch of 269 South Audubon Road.  In the distance, the beautiful Craftsman house at 251 and the large American Four Square double at 245-47 South Audubon Road can also be seen.  The tall tree behind the young boy is long gone, but some of the trees in the Irving Circle Park still exist in 2014.  A contemporary photo shows two of the homes in 2014.

Stickem' up!  Barbara Jones and a young boy have fun in front of 303 South Audubon Road.  Behind them you can see, 269, 251, and 245-47 South Audubon Road in 1941.  

245-47 and 251 South Audubon Road in 2014

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