Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes Graduating Class--1947

Eighth graders from the graduating class of 1947 from Our Lady of Lourdes School gathered for one last photograph.  The church and school had been an important part of the neighborhood for nearly forty years.  Many of the students in this photograph had attended the school for eight years.  Justine Collins and Joseph Lutz had the highest grades from the class while Thomas Williams, Marilyn Schmidt, and Barbara Noonan had perfect attendance.  The local priest urged parents to "remember their obligation of providing a CATHOLIC EDUCATION in high school for their children." (back of this flier) Students who had not attended Our Lady of Lourdes but desired to attend a Catholic high school would need a letter from a local pastor and then have it submitted to the Archbishop.  The children in this photo would have a much easier path to a Catholic high school.

First Row: Marilyn Hagan, John Foley, Max Haughton, Thomas Williams, Mary Ann Just, Kathleen Gallagher, Donald Newman,  John Schulz, Robert Denari, Marjorie Schauinger
Second Row:  Richard Mayer, Elizabeth Rumple, Mona Lee Cull, Jacqueline Bender, George Lawler,  Sue Ann Dillchay, Anne Shannon, Justine Collins
Third Row: Nadine May, Marie Speicher, Joan Miller, Joan Fox, Earl Owens, Jane Fox, Patricia Braun, Patricia Schoettle, Marilyn Schmidt
Fourth Row: Joseph Lutz, Marilyn Hofer, Joan Gannon, Robert Commons, Mary Margaret Rohyans, Barbara Noonan, James Matthews
Fifth Row:  Donald McWilliams, Rose Ellen Sexton, Patricia Alandt, Rita Harding, Margaret Everett, Richard Simko

Our Lady of Lourdes in 2014
The historic flier is courtesy of Suzette Hagan.

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  1. 10 years after this picture, I stood on these steps with my Class of 57 ....with Father Hickey as spur paste, as Father Moore had passed away. My name then was Terry McDonnell