Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bancroft Avenue Snapshot--1958

The McDonnell family dwelled at 419 North Bancroft Avenue in the late 1950s. The family had formerly lived in an apartment on Lowell Avenue, but they needed more space for their growing family. In this photo, snapped in 1958, a very young Tim McDonnell played with his buddy near the brick street.  Across the avenue, you can see the double at 418-20 North Bancroft Avenue and the side of 416 North Bancroft Avenue.  A contemporary photo shows that the double still retains many of it original features including the clapboard siding.

Tim McDonnell and a neighborhood friend posed for this photo in front of 419 North Bancroft Avenue in 1958

416 and 418-20 North Bancroft Avenue in 2014
The historic image is courtesy of Terry Wilgus.  

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