Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Old Farmhouse Along East Tenth Street

On April 11, 1956, children gathered at the home Steve Koepper at 5263 East Tenth Street for his twelfth birthday party.  All of the children in this photo attended Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School at 26 North Arsenal Street.  Behind them you can see the historic farmhouse located at 5302 East Tenth Street.  It was the tallest home in the area and predated all of the bungalows that now surrounded it.

The earliest origins of the farmhouse at 5302 East Tenth Street are not known at this time, but Martin and Anna Staub moved into the dwelling in 1906.  It is possible that they might have built the home but more research will be needed to discover that fact.  The Staubs owned several acres and ran a dairy farm.  Their operation was quite successful and by 1910 they had a servant named Charles Morse living in the house.  An Indianapolis Star article reveals that in 1919 Mr. Staub remonstrated against the city of Indianapolis over annexing the area for development. He lost that battle and soon the bucolic world that the Staubs had come to enjoy would end as developers and dreamers added avenues, sewer lines, streetlights, and residences north and south of East Tenth Street.  Mr. Staub died in 1928, but Mrs. Staub continued to dwell in the large house until 1942.  She often times took in boarders. Louis and Anna Haboush moved into the home in 1943 and remained in it well into the 1950s.  The couple had many children and actually carved the house into two separate apartments in 1945.  Widows, single people starting out in their careers, and families have all called this dwelling "home."

Friends of Steve Koepper gathered for a photo on April 11, 1956, for the occasion of his twelfth birthday party.  Front Row  (l-r):  Linda Manteuffel, Cheryl Kubiak, Janet Behrmann, Douglas Felten, Tom Holtman, Grant Jacobson Back Row (l-r): Eursa Lynn Breedon, Sandra Griffin, Fred Von Spreckelsen, Steve Koepper, Bill Hoff, Irvin Coffer

The old Staub Farmhouse at 5302 East Tenth Street on December 30, 2014

One of the many tenants who dwelled at 5302 East Tenth Street was Hollace Arment.  Dr. Arment and his wife Ruth moved to Indianapolis in 1956 so that he could take the position of Music Director at the brand new North Central High School at 1801 East 86th Street.  

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