Friday, January 2, 2015

Birthday Party in Ellenberger Park in 1954

Ellenberger Park served as the perfect spot for local families to host reunions, receptions celebrations, and birthday parties.  When Steve Koepper turned ten years old on April 11, 1954, he invited his Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School friends to Ellenberger Park to celebrate.  Mr. Koepper, the son of Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper, grew up in a bungalow located at 5263 East Tenth Street.  Ellenberger Park became an important place for the young man as he took swimming lessons from the Red Cross in the park's pool in 1951.  He would later join the Ellenberger Park Swim Team under Coach Dave Hines.  You may see a photo of the 1960 swim team by clicking on the "Ellenberger Park" link below.

Birthday Party Gathering:  Steve Koepper and his Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School friends posed for this photograph in the spring of 1954 in Ellenberger Park.  Left to right:  Steven Deal, Fred Von Spreckelsen, Jeff Boerger, Steve Koepper, Lanny Simpson, Irvin Coffer, Danny Edwards, Ron Yeskie, Bill Hoff, and Tom Holtman
All of the young men in the photo above attended the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School at 26 North Arsenal Avenue. They were the last class to graduate from this building in 1958 before the institution moved to its current location at 8540 East 16th Street.  Many of the students who attended this school had German heritage.  (photo: Damien Center) 
The historic image and information for this post are courtesy of Steve Koepper.  

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