Friday, January 9, 2015

A Fish, A Clock, and A Coconut Story

In 1954, the Koepper family gathered around the fireplace in the family home at 5263 East Tenth Street for a photograph.  Every single member of the family appeared to be looking at someone else or perhaps another photographer.  Someone has likely said something amusing as they were all smiling.  Behind the family, you can see many artifacts of importance in their lives.  Hanging over the mantel was Norman Koepper's prized wide-mouthed bass that he caught at the Geist Reservoir.  Like any proud fisherman, he had it mounted.  On the fireplace mantel, rested a beautiful clock that has an interesting provenance.  In 1913, a terrible flood struck the city of Indianapolis.  Ed Meyer, the father of Lora Meyer Koepper, saw the beautiful piece floating in the water and retrieved it.  He brought it back to his home at 815 Weghorst Street on the near south side and cleaned it up and managed to get it running again.  By 1952, the clock sat on the mantel inside the Tenth Street bungalow. The beautiful antique remains with a Koepper family member 102 years after it was first salvaged by Ed Meyer. On the far right of the mantel, you can see a coconut purchased by the Koeppers while on a family vacation to Florida in 1953.   Other items in the photo, include small vases and bowls used for decoration and many books and games resting on the built-in shelves next to the fireplace. All three of the children in this photo went on to higher level college degrees and professional careers.  One family photo can reveal many clues!

Family Portrait:  Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper proudly posed with their children Susan, Paul, and Steve (kneeling) in 1954 in the living room of their home at 5263 East Tenth Street
The historic image and stories are courtesy of Steve Koepper.  

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