Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Family Celebrations at the Koepper Home

When do we take out our cameras and snap family photos?  If you are like most Americans, your scrapbooks are filled with special occasions like baptisms, birthday parties, and holidays celebrations.  Thankfully, these moments usually document extended family members and good friends as well.  Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper, who purchased 5263 East Tenth Street in 1940, did a great job of capturing important moments in their family's story.  Below are some of the important celebrations in the tale of an Irvington family.

Baptism:  Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper hosted a family gathering for the Meyers and Koeppers at 5263 East Tenth Street on August 17, 1941.  They assembled for the occasion of the Lutheran baptism of Kent Meyer (in the bassinet), the nephew of the Koeppers.  This wonderful photograph documents three generations.  Standing (L-R): Bud and Mary Jane Pattison; Del and Lois Meyer; Claude Pattison, Ed Meyer, Lora Meyer Koepper and Norman Koepper; and Catherine Pattison Meyer; Seated on chairs (L-R):  Bea Pattison, Emma Harting Meyer, Lillian Westmeier Meyer; On the ground and next to the bassinet (L--R):  Leslie Meyer, Susan Koepper, Gayle Meyer, Barbara Meyer

Easter Egg Hunt:  The Koeppers celebrated Easter at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1954. At some point, the family hosted an egg hunt and the children in this photo displayed their bounty. Behind them, you can see the garages at both 5263 and 5261 East Tenth Street.  Pictured (L-R):  Paul Koepper, Norman Koepper, Steve Koepper, Lora Meyer Koepper, and an unidentified young man.  Susan Koepper might be the photographer.  

Confirmation: It was a special day for young Paul Koepper in 1955 when he was confirmed into the Lutheran Church. His extended family members from near and far gathered at the home of Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper at 5263 East Tenth Street to be a part of his special day.  Pictured (L-R):  Delbert Meyer, Claude Pattison, Lois Sundvahl Meyer, Henry Koepper, Bea Pattison, Josephine Koepper, Orville Meyer, Catherine Pattison Meyer, Leslie Meyer, Kent Meyer, Paul Koepper, Steve Koepper, and Lora Meyer Koepper

Christmas:  Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper hosted a Christmas gathering in their home at 5263 East Tenth Street in 1966.  This wonderful color photograph shows not only their grown children, in-laws, and grandchildren, but also the couple's living room.  Pictured (clockwise from lower left):  Sharon Morelock Koepper and Paul Koepper; Eddie Foster and Susan Koepper Foster; Kristin Lenore Foster; Steve Koepper, Lora Meyer Koepper and Kerry Lee Foster.  

Christmas Morning:  All was quiet in the bungalow at 5263 East Tenth Street owned by Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper on Christmas Day, 1966 as they awaited the arrival of their children and grandchildren.  Two stockings were hung on the fireplace for the couple's two grandchildren at the time, Kristin and Kerry Foster. You can see the family pooch, Freckles, resting near the blue patterned chair.  The manger scene on the fireplace, a family treasure, was collected by Steve Koepper throughout the 1950s and came from Danner's Five and Dime Store in Irvington. Mrs. Koepper clearly kept abreast of the latest in decorating with her mod lamp and mid-century furniture.  

Easter Brunch:  On Easter Sunday, 1967, the children and grandchildren of Norman and Lora Meyer Koepper gathered in the family home at 5263 East Tenth Street for a meal.  The family dog, Freckles, a cocker spaniel mix, made her presence known and visited with Tiffany, a dog belonging to Paul and Sharon Koepper.  The humans at the table in the photograph (from clockwise left to right) included:  Beverly James (future wife of Steve Koepper), Steve Koepper, Sharon Morelock Koepper, Lora Meyer Koepper, Kerry Lee Foster, Paul Koepper, Kristin Lenore Foster, Susan Koepper Foster, and Eddie Foster   
The stories and historic images are courtesy of Steve Koepper.

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