Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beechwood Avenue Bungalow in 1939 and in 2015

The modest bungalow at 5702 Beechwood Avenue was completed and ready for occupants by 1925. For the next thirteen years, six families leased the two-bedroom home. William H. Poirer, a blacksmith, rented the house from 1926 to 1929. Charles and Anna Kettles followed Mr. Poirer and they remained in the dwelling until 1930.  The Kettles operated a business called Flex-0-Tite Dental Rubber Company. They eventually bought a small cottage around the corner at 308 South Audubon Road. Thirty-one-year-old Russell Grauer, a butcher, and his twenty-eight-year-old wife, Charlotte leased the house for $65 a month in 1930. They remained until 1932.  Freeman and Emma Lasbury, along with their two children, were the next family to rent the home. Mr. Freeman was a conductor along the New York Central Railroad. They only stayed one year. In 1933, Birley and Dorothy Whaley took up residency for one year. Mr. Whaley served as a foreman for the Indianapolis Power and Light Company. Some stability finally arrived at the address when Claude and Esther Pitschke moved into the bungalow and remained until 1938. Mr. Pitschke was a coal dealer while his wife stayed home and raised the couple's two children. They eventually moved to 5924 Oak Avenue.

The family who would most come to be associated with the house purchased it in 1939. James Glore, a medical artist for the Indiana University Medical Center, and his wife Marjorie moved into 5702 Beechwood Avenue and would remain in the cottage for the next 47 years! The Glores raised their children in the home and they became a fixture in southern Irvington. Shortly after moving into the house, either Mr. or Mrs. Glore stood along Beechwood Avenue and proudly snapped a photograph of their new residence. The two silver maples along the street have since been removed.

James F. and Marjorie Glore moved into 5702 Beechwood Avenue in 1939. A member of the Glore family would dwell in the bungalow until 1986.  

5702 Beechwood Avenue in 2015:  The tulip tree came from a wooded area in the 7900 block of Sargent Road on land owned by Charles Glore, the brother to James Glore.  
The historic image was donated by the Glore family to Janet Wilzbacher.  She has generously shared it with me.  

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