Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Glore Family of Beechwood Avenue

James and Marjorie Glore moved into 5702 Beechwood Avenue in 1939 and the family would remain in the bungalow until 1986.  Jame Glore graduated from the Chicago Art Institute and worked as an illustrator for an insurance company and later for the Indiana University Medical Center. In fact, Mr. Glore was hired to start the Medical Illustration Department at the IU Medical Center. He would run that department for the next 34 years.  Mr. Glore's drawings were photographed and converted into slides and used by physicians in their lectures to future doctors and nurses.  Mrs. Glore stayed home and raised the couple's three children, Donald, Susan, and Kathryn. She was an active member of the Irvington Presbyterian Church and the Irvington Home Study Club.  The Glore children had many friends nearby and their backyard became a gathering spot for local kids.

James and Marjorie Glore posed with their three children, Donald, Susan, and Kathryn, in front of their home at 5702 Beechwood Avenue in 1949

Cute little Kathryn Glore posed atop the backyard fire place at 5702 Beechwood Avenue c1951  

The Glore family home at 5702 Beechwood Avenue in 1939

James Glore primarily worked as a medical illustrator, but he received other side jobs as well. In 1931, he designed the program for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  
The historic images and stories are courtesy of Kathryn Glore Wright.  

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