Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saddle Up! Get Your Photo Taken on a Pony! 1947

Throughout the early to mid-twentieth century, photographers would travel from town to town all across the United States and make money by snapping photos of children on ponies.  Family scrapbooks were filled with such imagery.  In the summer of 1947, an unknown solicitor likely knocked on the door of the Koepper home at 5263 East Tenth Street to inquire if the family would be interested in a photo with a pony.  This particular photographer not only provided the animal, but also the costumes as Westerns were the rage in the cinema at the time.  Stephen, Paul, and Susan Koepper donned their attire and stood along Tenth Street next to a tall shrub.  Behind them, you can see the bungalow located at 5264 East Tenth Street. To learn more about the Koepper family, click on the link below.

Stephen, Paul, and Susan Koepper posed with a pony in their front yard at 5263 East Tenth Street in the summer of 1947.
The historic image is courtesy of Stephen Koepper.  

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