Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lawton Family Dwelled Along Julian Avenue

Burrell and Emma McCord Lawton moved into the brick bungalow at 5915 Julian Avenue in 1939. Mr. Lawton was a rising star for the Hartford Insurance Company. Mrs. Lawton formerly worked for Gregory and Appel Insurance Company, but she resigned in 1937 to stay home and take care of the couple's first son, William.  The Lawtons had a second child while living in the home in 1942.  They named him Stephen. They were not the first family to dwell in the house. Although the bungalow was relatively new as it was constructed in 1928, five families owned or leased the property in the eleven years before the Lawtons moved into it.  The Brooks, Parsons, Betz, Lash, and Thase families all called 5915 "home." The Lawtons relocated to Denver, Colorado in 1945 and never returned to Irvington.  Numerous families have moved in and out of the unique home over the decades.

Burrell Lawton relaxed in the backyard of 5915 Julian Avenue (on the right) on a warm day in 1940.  

Emma McCord Lawton posed with her son, Bill, in the yard at 5915 Julian Avenue in 1941.

The Gang is All Here!  Neighborhood children gathered at the Lawton home at 5915 Julian Avenue to celebrate the third birthday of Steve Lawton in 1945.  The birthday boy is the third child from the left.  Other kids in the photo were Jean and Jane Seaton and possibly Ted Lollis.  The Thompson brothers might be in this photo as well.   

Bill Lawton played in the family sandbox under the shade of an apple tree in his backyard at 5915 Julian Avenue in 1941.

Emma McCord Lawton held her son Steve in the backyard at 5915 Julian Avenue 1945.  Sitting next to her was either Jean or Jane Seaton, a neighbor.   

Bill Lawton in 1941

5915 Julian Avenue in 2015
The historic images are courtesy of Steve Lawton.  Stay tuned as more images of the Lawton family will be posted.


  1. This is so cool, I live here now and have always loved it for the spirit of the place. Wish I still had that front porch, and the steps are probably original! Thanks so much for this story, Barb Johnson

  2. Barb, I am thrilled that you found this blog and photos of your home.