Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butler University Faculty in 1908

Butler's faculty stopped during their busy day in the autumn of 1908 to pose for a photograph. Some of these professors were renown in their respective fields of study. Most of them lived in Irvington. Below is a list of professors with some biographical information and their addresses if known.

Top Row (left to right)
John McKay, Director of Physical Education; Howard Woodhead, Ph. D--Acting Professor of Sociology; Cornelia Adelle Allen, (30 N. Audubon Road) Instructor in English; Elijah Newton Johnson, Ph.D (304 Downey Avenue) Professor of Mathematics; Christopher Bush Coleman, (33 Downey Avenue) Professor of Church History; Ernest Trowbridge Paine, (29 N. Hawthorne Lane) Professor of Latin and Literature; John Samuel Kenyon, (70 North Layman Avenue) Professor of English Literature; Joseph Karl Rudolf Egger, (5812 Julian Avenue) Assistant Professor of German and Spanish; Richard Bishop Moore, (216 Ohmer Avenue) Professor of Chemistry

Bottom Row (left to right)
Clara Frances McIntyre, (5610 East Washington Street) Instructor in French; Henry Lane Bruner, (324 South Ritter Avenue) Ph. D--Professor of Biology and Geology; Thomas Carr Howe, (48 South Audubon Road--He also lived in the Tudor Revival home located in the north Audubon Road Circle and now part of the Irvington Methodist Church) Ph.D--President of Butler and Professor of Germanic Languages; Katharine Merrill Graydon, (303 Downey Avenue) Professor of Greek and English Literature; Jabez Hall, (28 South Irvington Avenue) Professor of Homiletics and Theology.

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  1. I just discovered this blog and devoured it immediately. Thank you for sharing this information and these images--and for keeping the history of Irvington alive. I especially enjoy the interior and family shots.

    I look forward to many more posts from you!