Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Children's Party (1938)--5930 East Washington St.

Although we are not close to Halloween, I could not resist posting this fun photograph. Children gathered at the Ruhsenberger home at 5930 East Washington St. in 1938 for a costume party. We may need help identifying some of the kids in the picture. We do know that Ann Hart (Stewart) is pictured second from the left in the front row. Larry Dillard, a cousin to Ann Hart, is the first child on the left in the top row. Larry also dwelled in the house. Their neighbor Bob Vial (20 N. Arlington) is the second child from the left in the top row. He is a wearing a World War One uniform.

Unfortunately, this home is no longer standing, (see previous posts) but we get a great view of the main parlor in the house. Note the beautiful fireplace, the Oriental rug on the floor, and the upright piano. The landscape painting hanging above the fireplace remains in the family. It was painted by Chester L. Stokesberry. Mr. Stokesberry, a cousin (once removed) to Ann Hart, was a watchmaker, jeweler, gunsmith, and an accomplished artist. He and his wife Veta Cannavan Stokesberry and his daughter Mary Ellen lived at 352 Burgess Avenue. The painting won a first prize ribbon at the Indiana State Fair in either 1932 or 1933. Be sure to look for the mantel clock on the fireplace as that piece also remains in the family as of 2011. The photo and the interesting information are courtesy of Ann Stewart.

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