Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ruhsenberger Grandchildren--1935

Charles A. Ruhsenberger stands next his three oldest grandchildren in the summer of 1935. The Ruhsenbergers dwelled at 5930 East Washington Street. The children in the photo (left to right) are Ann Hart (Stewart), Larry J. Dillard, and Roger H. Ruhsenberger. It appears that the young boys might be getting ready to play croquet in their grandparent's backyard. Behind the children is a very large playpen used by the Hart family. Mrs. Hart grew very worried about child kidnappings after the infamous Lindberg baby story so she frequently placed her daughter and her playmates in the pen for protection. The garage pictured in the photo belonged to Behrendt family who lived next door. You may read more about the Ruhsenberger family and this Irvington corner in previous posts. This image is courtesy of Ann Stewart.

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