Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Address--A Moving Experience

Many of Irvington homes along East Washington Street have been moved.  As the desire for commercial development expanded, homeowners had an opportunity to make some money.  Unfortunately, several houses fell to the wrecking ball over the years to filling stations, pharmacies, and parking lots.  Some neighbors saw another option of moving the house to the back of the lot or another location entirely.  In 1918, Mary A. Black, a widow, lived in a very large Victorian home on the northeast corner of East Washington Street and North Hawthorne Lane.  She had been renting rooms to people over the years and at some point she must have been approached by a speculator who saw her corner as an opportunity.  In 1919, the large home was moved from its location at 5318 East Washington Street to 15 North Hawthorne Lane.  While it was not a far move, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to raise the home off of its foundation and turn it to face Hawthorne.  Mrs. Black continued to rent rooms.

15 North Hawthorne Lane used to face East Washington Street (shown here in 1924)

Phi Delta Theta Home at 15 North Hawthorne Lane in 1924

Throughout the 1920s, Phi Delta Theta fraternity members lived in the house.  After Butler moved out of Irvington in 1928, the home reverted to being a private residence. In 2012, the current homeowners fell victim to a damaging fire.  The home is currently being repaired from that event.  The vacated corner on East Washington Street hosted a filling station for several decades.  In the 1990s, the lot became the site for medical offices.

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