Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lost Irvington: 216-18 Ohmer Avenue

Ever wonder what used to be where many of our parking lots are today?  Houses close to businesses, lodges, churches, schools, and other institutions have often been demolished as the need for more parking has grown.

Such is the case for today's profile.  This early twentieth-century residence used to sit on the northwest corner of Downey and Ohmer Avenues. (216-18 Ohmer Avenue)  Its location near the former Butler University campus made it an ideal location for renters and boarders over the years.  It sat across the street from the headquarters for the Disciples of Christ.  That fact, would in the end, spell the doom of the historic home because the Disciples tore it down for more parking.

It was first built as a single family residence. Professor Richard B. Moore and his family dwelled at 216 Ohmer Avenue in the early twentieth century.  Later it appears to have been turned into a duplex.  In this photo, taken in 1947, Johnny Lindeman poses in front of his childhood home.  The Lindemans dwelled in 218 while Mr. and Mrs. Earl Deeter lived at 216 Ohmer.  This historic image is courtesy of Sue Thompson.  The contemporary image was shot in the winter of 2012.

216-218 Ohmer Avenue in 1947--Young Johnny Lindeman

The same view in 2012.

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