Monday, July 9, 2012

The Readles of Julian Avenue

Hayes and Della Rea Readle moved into their charming Dutch Colonial home at 5925 Julian Avenue in 1950.  The family would remain there until the late 1980s.  Both of the Readles hailed from Rush County, Indiana and stayed connected to those families back in Rushville, Manilla, and Arlington for years.  The couple had one son named John, who actually grew up in Irvington.  Mr. Readle supported the family as a furniture salesman while Mrs. Readle eventually went to work as an insurance agent.

In these two historic images, the Readles pose for family photographs.  In the top image, you can also see the family dog, "Snookie." Mrs. Readle is wearing an apron so perhaps she paused from preparing the family meal for this picture. This image was taken on November 11, 1951.  In the second photo, the Readles stand on their front porch.  You can barely see 5929 Julian Avenue behind them.  John looks slightly older in this shot so it was probably taken in 1952 or 53.

The contemporary image, taken on July 9, 2012, shows that little has changed about this modest home over the years.  The dwelling has been painted white since at least 1950. It was likely built in the 1920s.  The historic images are courtesy of John Readle.  More on this family will be forthcoming.

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