Saturday, July 7, 2012

Former Lambda Chi Alpha House--1923

The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity began life at Butler University in 1915.  Like most Greek organizations, the leadership looked for existing homes in Irvington to house their chapter.  They found this tall Queen Anne styled home (built circa 1895) at 24 South Butler Avenue and remained in it through most of the 1920s.  The Ely family dwelled in it before the young men moved in.  The abode was conveniently located just three blocks south of campus.  After Butler moved out of the neighborhood in 1928, the home went back into private hands.  At some point, it was carved into apartments, as many homes were along South Butler Avenue, especially after World War II.

The Ely House (c.1895) later home to Lambda Chi Alpha in the 1920s

24 South Butler in 2012

The Ely Home has been altered over the years.

The home looks very different in 2012 from when it was first built in the late nineteenth century.  Obviously, something has happened--perhaps a fire--as the roofline has been completely changed.  Curiously, two other homes nearby look remarkably similar. Perhaps they were built by the same investor.

One block South on Butler--a twin to the Ely Home

Another home similar to the Ely Home on South Hawthorne Lane

Today's historic image is courtesy of Amy Friedly.

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