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Dr. Oliver C. Neier and Family

Dr. Oliver C. Neier (1864-1954) served as a physician for families living in the Irvington area for nearly fifty years.  A native of nearby Hancock County, he moved to the neighborhood in 1902 and set up shop at 5402 East Washington Street (demolished). He took over the practice of Dr. Robert Long, who moved into the city.  Dr. Neier eventually relocated his family into a beautiful stuccoed American Four Square at 5506 University Avenue.  Each morning he would rise at 6:00 A.M. to make his daily visits to the sick both in homes and at Methodist Hospital.  He solidified his place in Indianapolis medical history in 1908 when he delivered the first baby, Fletcher Ernstberger, at the brand new Methodist Hospital.  Dr. Neier remained friends with the Ernstbergers even after they moved from Indianapolis to California.  Tragically, young Fletcher died in a hunting accident at age 17.

Dr. Oliver C. Neier (1864-1954) was named after Indiana Civil War Governor, Oliver P. Morton.  

This sign hung on Dr. Neier's office on East Washington Street and on University Avenue

Dr. Neier began his medical career as a "horse and buggy" physician, however, by the early 1900s he owned an Overland Auto.  For most of his 90 years on this planet, he tended the sick and wounded.  He remained in practice well into his late 80s.  His wife Bertha and daughter Mary Louise ran the Irvington Kindergarten out of their home for decades.

Dr. Neier sweeps the snow from his porch at 5506 University Avenue.  Below him, you can see the back of the "Irvington Private Kindergarten" sign.  Behind him you can see houses on South Ritter and University Avenues.

Dr. Oliver C. Neier supports his wife Bertha. (c.1945) They are standing in front of their home at 5506 University Ave.

The historic images and sign are courtesy of William and Jamidawn Jensen.

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