Sunday, August 19, 2012

Neier Kindergarten at 5506 University Avenue --1937

Bertha and Mary Neier ran the Irvington Private Kindergarten at 5506 University Avenue through much of the early to mid-twentieth century.  The mother/daughter team became instrumental in helping  hundreds of young Irvingtonians on the right path to a proper education. A school hack and later bus would drive through the neighborhood to transport the pupils to this lovely stuccoed American Four Square home near the intersection of University and South Ritter Avenues.  Dr. Neier, a physician and the patriarch of this talented family, spent most of his time either at his office or at Methodist Hospital.  After Bertha became too frail to run the school, Mary took the helm and continued to educate children out of the dwelling until the 1950s.

Irvington Private Kindergarten at 5506 University Avenue in 1937

In this wonderful photo, pirates, wizards, cowboys, and a host of other cleverly dressed children gathered for a school photo in 1937.  You can see that Mrs. and Miss Neier have placed a tarp on the ground so that the kids will not get dirty.  Autumn leaves, still not yet raked, lull on the grass and sidewalk.  The home still stands in 2012.  Look for more posts on the Neiers in the coming days.

Children still play in the front yard at 5506 University Avenue in 2012

This wonderful historic image is courtesy of William and Jamidawn Jensen.

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