Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nearby Little Flower Home--1936

The Little Flower neighborhood bounded by Sherman, Emerson, East 10th, and 16th Streets is located northwest of Irvington.  Home to hundreds of historic bungalows, the community is anchored by the Little Flower Catholic Church and School and Scecina High School.  Developed in the 1920s through the 1940s, the area remained stable while other nearby east side neighborhoods fell victim to crime and suburban flight.  Tidy small Arts and Crafts era and Tudor Revival homes still stand nearly ninety years later.   The community has a strong neighborhood association in 2012.

The Mulcahy Home at 1221 North DeQuincy Street in 1936

Bernard P. and Johanna Drury (Leland) Mulcahy moved from Terre Haute, Indiana, to Indianapolis along with their three-year-old son, Richard, and infant daughter, Patricia, in 1936.   Mr. Mulcahy was a chemist while Mrs. Mulcahy stayed at home and raised their growing family.  The Mulcahy's abode at 1221 North DeQuincy Street must have been one of the newer homes in Little Flower when they set up housekeeping.  Notice the Tudor Revival elements on the front of the home.  They would only live in the house for one year before moving to a larger place on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  This lovely home still stands in 2012 although the stucco and Tudor elements have been covered with vinyl siding. At some point, residents added a proper front porch something the Mulcahy's did not have in 1936.

This historic image is courtesy of Maureen Mulcahy Reichardt and this post is dedicated to the memory of her father, Richard Anthony Mulcahy.

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