Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Earl Family of University Avenue

The Earl family dwelled in what Irvingtonians now call the "Castle House" (5631 University Avenue) from the late nineteenth century till 1914. The Reverend Henry S. Earl (1831-1919) immigrated to the US in 1883.  He hailed from Northamptonshire, England, but his ministry took him to Adelaide Australia, where he met his future wife Anna Jane Margarey (1850-1899).  Several of their children would be born in Australia.  The Earls moved into their Irvington home sometime in the 1890s although it is possible that it might have been slightly earlier.  The beautiful brick turreted house had been built for the Eudorus Johnson family in 1876.  Sadly, Mrs. Earl passed away at age the 49 in 1899. The Earls sold the beautiful home to the Payne family on May 9, 1914.

The Earl Family of 5631 University Avenue

A contemporary shot of the Johnson Home (Earl dwelling) in 2004

Pictured in this nineteenth century portrait:  Standing:  William Rupert Earl (1872-1948); Henry E. Earl (1869-1957) Seated:  Ernest Theodore Earl (1873-1957); Mabel Sarah Earl (1875-1968); Anna Jane Magarey Earl (1850-1899); Percy Howard Earl (young boy--1885-1974); Henry S. Earl (1831-1919); Edwin Charles Earl (1877-1967); Albert James Earl (1882-1971) Based upon the age of the youngest child, the photo was likely taken sometime around 1889.

The contemporary shot was taken in 2004.

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