Friday, August 3, 2012

Street Resurfacing Reveals Historic Bricks

Recent work along Burgess and University Avenues has unveiled a beautiful part of Irvington's past.  Most of our streets used to be brick!  Can you imagine how stunning that must have been?  Most of the "pavers" were laid out in the early twentieth century. Layman Avenue, one of our few brick streets remaining in 2012, was completed in 1910. These photos reveal brick streets that have not been viewed in decades. Underneath all of that asphalt are the original brick pavers.  Although I may not live long enough to see it, I predict that future Irvingtonians will want the bricks back in place along our meandering avenues.

Above Ground Archaeology:  The intersection of University and Burgess Avenue in 2012

Take a good look before these "pavers" are covered for another 50 years.

 Some of these bricks look brand new.  They were likely laid out at least one hundred years ago.

Notice the deep curbs along Burgess Avenue

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