Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grandkids visit the Meek Family

Homer G. and Ruth Bonner Meek dwelled at 5809 Lowell Avenue for many years. The 1930 Census reveals that their home was valued at $7500. The Meeks hailed from Greensburg and moved to Indianapolis in the 1920s. Mr. Meek worked for the London Assurances Corporation as an insurance salesman. They raised their daughters Ruth and Marilois in the two-story stuccoed home. Marilois eventually married the boy next door or at least a block away. The Bowman and Meek families joined together in 1936 when Marilois married Deforrest Bowman.

The Bowmans had two children, Michael and Susan, who frequently visited both sets of grandparents. In these photos taken in the late 1930s and 1940s in the backyard of 5809 Lowell Avenue, the Bowman children played with each other or with their parents. I have also included photos of Homer and Ruth Meek when they were young and still living in Greensburg, Indiana.

Michael and Susan Bowman play in the backyard of 5809 Lowell Avenue in August of 1949

Deforrest Bowman plays with his son Michael in the backyard of 5809 Lowell Avenue in 1938

Marilois Bowman proudly poses with her son Michael in the backyard of 5809 Lowell Avenue in 1938

Michael plays in the beautiful backyard belonging to the Meek family at 5809 Lowell Avenue in 1938. Note that Mrs. Meek has planted nasturtium, gladiolus, and zinnias next to her stylish birdbath.  

Homer Meek c.1905

Ruth Bonner in 1905

5809 E. Lowell Avenue in 2012

The historic images are courtesy of the Bowman family.  The contemporary image shows the front of 5809 Lowell Avenue in 2012.

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