Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Years Later: A Cornucopia of Historic Photos!

November 7, 2012 marked the second anniversary of Vintage Irvington.  It has been my pleasure to post over four hundred historic images of the neighborhood.  Many of those wonderful pictures have come from generous readers like you. I am always eager to post more so keep them coming!  To celebrate, I am including some of my personal favorites from the past two years.  My obsession to document this neighborhood began with the idea of finding historic photos of the homes of Irvington.  You will note that all of the pictures I have chosen captured people.  Thank you, loyal followers and I hope you will join me for another year of documenting this wonderful place we call or have called home.

Ann Stewart donated this beautiful image I have titled "Cousins in the Garden."   The photo, taken in 1936, shows Roger Ruhsenberger and Ann Hart in the backyard at 5930 East Washington Street.  Ann has been one of the most loyal followers of this blog. Thank you, Ann! 

95 year-old, Dr. Victor Vollrath, loaned me many historic photos of his time in Irvington.  He still dreamed of his childhood home on South Audubon Road even though he had not lived there for over seventy years. Here he is pictured with his loyal dog Fite in 1932.  

Amy Friedly, the great granddaughter of Hilton U. Brown, Jr., was very generous with her collection of Butler University photos.  This wonderful candid shot shows fraternity members posing inside 209 Downey Avenue in 1919.  

Brian and Emily Mack have won awards for their restoration of a Gustav Stickley home on North Hawthorne Lane. They were also kind enough to lend me their collection of Hartsock family photos. This sweet image shows one of the Hartsock grandchildren enjoying a swing in the backyard at 59 N. Hawthorne Lane in 1940.  

Helen Hunt and her daughter Janet were two of my favorite donors. Besides giving me historic photos, they also fed me. Irvington is blessed to have such kind people.  Here is an image of Helen with her daughter Janet standing in front of their South Audubon Road home in 1961.  

Don Rouse stunned me when he sent this photo of the Bruckmann family posing on their farm in 1893. The estate used be located on the northwest corner of East 10th Street and Arlington Avenue.  Mr. Rouse kindly lent me other incredible neighborhood shots as well.  

Sue Thompson is a cheerleader for Irvington.  She grew up in the neighborhood and married an Irvington boy. She was extraordinarily generous with her collection of photos including this wedding shot taken of Rodney and Sue Thompson in 1953 in her Ohmer Avenue home!

Evan Finch loves history. He has done a beautiful job of documenting his family's story. He kindly lent me several fun photos from his father's collection. The Finches lived along Good Avenue (above) and also on Burgess.  

One of the most artistic images I received came from Don and Lisa Flick. Lisa grew up in Irvington. Her father, Harold Crook, was a photographer and snapped this image of himself and his wife Thelma in 1958 in their home at 63 North Irwin Avenue.  

Some of my favorite shots have turned out to be candid moments like this one donated by Lori  Malander. Harry and Ruby Geren washed dishes in their home located at 211 Good Avenue and were frozen in time by an unnamed photographer.  This 1940s shot is fascinating for all of the detail in the kitchen.  

Bill Ferling grew up along Beechwood Avenue. His photos have been some of the most popular I have posted.  In this shot, neighborhood boys sail a canoe down the flooded Beechwood "River" in August of 1955.

Andrea de Mink loves her beautiful American Four Square along Layman Avenue. One day, she received a visitor who gave her several wonderful shots of her home. This early color photograph (c.1950) is amazing for not only capturing the charming and beautiful Zoercher and Schulmeyer girls, but it also allows current residents to see mid-century paint colors and some really cool cars.  

Ernest Payne was an actor and he loved to ham it up. In 1898, he portrayed a hobo and remained in character while walking about the neighborhood. He lived in the "Castle House" on the south circle so he was far from poor. Linda Cuff, a caretaker of history, loaned me this popular photo.  

Marty Book Powell not only gave me historic family photos, but she also allowed me to interview her for an Irvington Historical Society project. She is a walking encyclopedia and a true gift.  Here she is in 1932 in her Arlington Court apartment.  

Isabelle Layman Troyer was a sweet woman who loaned me several photos of her childhood along East Washington Street.  I was struck by this image as I have seen so few of the African-American population who lived here.  Emma Cook helped to raise Isabelle and the two of them are pictured here in 1907.  

Bob Montgomery is a wonderful friend and Irvington patriot. He LOVES Irvington. His photo showing his mother in a 1928 School 57 photo was the first one I posted on this blog. Thanks, Bob for your constant enthusiasm and encouragement.  


  1. As always...great photos, Bill! Love the one of Emma Cook!

  2. Thanks, Andrea...you have been a great supporter of this blog. I really appreciated your wonderful historic images!!