Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School #77 Photos c1949

School #77 began on September 6, 1932, to help alleviate the crowding in nearby elementary schools.  With the development of neighborhoods north of Pleasant Run Parkway and eventually along East 10th Street, Indianapolis Public Schools officials scrambled to find classroom space.  The first building was to be temporary, but would serve as a school nearly twenty years on the northeast corner of Arlington Avenue and Pleasant Run Parkway.  The school district built a more permanent structure on the site in 1952.

In these historic photos, likely taken around 1949, school children gather on the front yard of IPS #77. In the top photo, some young women raise the American flag. You will note that they have their hands over their hearts. In the second photo, patrol boys gather on the steps. If you recognize any of these folks then drop me a note at The historic images are courtesy of Larry Muncie, a local historian and author.

Girls raise the flag (c1949) at IPS #77 on Arlington Avenue

Patrol Boys (c.1949) IPS #77 on Arlington Avenue

School #77 is a charter school in 2012


  1. Although they never really "took," I took large group dance lessons there in the 1958 time-frame. After the classes, we would occasionally walk down to Lindner's Fountainteria for a sundae.

  2. At least you tried your luck with dancing! Wouldn't it be great if Lindner's were still here?!

    1. You bet it would, Bill! Just saw David Robert Lindner II's obituary this morning and the memories came flooding back once again!

    2. Thanks, Steve. I just read about his passing as well. I hope to do a post on the Linders in the future.