Monday, November 12, 2012

Bonna Avenue Business--1939

Bonna Avenue is a small street that runs parallel to the former Pennsylvania Rail Line.  A smattering of modest bungalows sat next to the busy transportation corridor.  The Irvington Depot used to be located along Bonna near Audubon Road.  A few family businesses opened along the narrow brick path as well including E.R. Mullin's Tinner, Furnaces, & Roofing at 5517 Bonna.

Elmer R. Mullin opened his shop in 1924 and served the greater Irvington area until his untimely death in 1943.  The Mullin family lived in a two-story Queen Anne home at 203 South Ritter Avenue.  (see previous post) This historic photo, provided by Robert Montgomery, was taken in April of 1939.  You will note that Mr. Mullin is in his truck and ready to fix a broken down furnace or pipe.  You could reach him by dialing IRV7152.

Elmer R. Mullin in his truck and in front of his shop at 5517 Bonna Avenue in 1939


  1. Just wondering whether you knew if Bonna Avenue, being South Irvington's last remaining exposed brick street, was in fact the oldest of Irvington's four brick streets (Bonna, N. Layman, N. Whittier and N. Irvington)?

  2. Hello, Matt. The only street I have a date for the bricklaying so far is on Layman. (1910) If I come across any documentation, I will let you know! It is amazing that only Bonna in southern Irvington has retained the look. Perhaps one day our streets could be bricked again!