Friday, November 23, 2012

Reunion at New York Street Double c1943

Orville and Alice Bowman dwelled in their duplex located at 5755 East New York Street for many years. The couple hailed from Ohio and raised their three sons, Gerald, Deforrest (Forry), and Albert in the house. Mr. Bowman was an insurance salesman.  The Bowman double was valued at $10,000 in the 1930 Federal Census.

In 1943, the Bowman sons gathered for a reunion with their parents.  In the top photo, Deforrest and his wife Marilois and his son, Michael, posed with his brother, Gerald, sister-in-law, Maxine, and his nephew, Richard in the family home on East New York Street.  The families gathered in the dining room for this photo.  Note the wonderful light fixture above the men.

In the second photo, Michael and Richard Bowman, posed for their grandparents in the same home. The contemporary photo, shows 5755 East New York Street in 2012.  The home still retains its original wood clapboard siding and rafter beams.  The historic photos are courtesy of the Bowman family.

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