Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmases of Yore in Irvington--Happy Holidays to All!

Hartsock Family (59 N. Hawthorne Lane) Christmas Tree in 1940

Hunt Family Christmas at 341 S. Audubon Road in 1955

Hunt Family (341 S. Audubon Road) Christmas Scene--1955

Germaine Family Christmas at 307 South Audubon in 1975

Ferling Family Christmas at 5823 Beechwood Avenue in 1956

Christmas Table at 25 North Irvington Avenue in 1961

Nativity Scene in 25 North Irvington Avenue in 1961

These images are courtesy of Brian and Emily Mack, the Hunt Family, the Germaine Family, and the Ferling Family


  1. I love to see the old fashioned technology that hovers in the background of many of your photos.

  2. Thanks, Brint! Often times, what is behind the subject can be very interesting. I love these candid shots for that reason.