Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time for School---c1949

IPS #77 used to sit on the northeast corner of North Arlington and Pleasant Run Parkway.  (It is a charter school in 2012.)  In this image, c.1949, students have been photographed as they come to school.  In the far distance and across the street, you will see a patrol boy whose job was to safely escort pupils across busy Arlington Avenue.  If anyone recognizes these children then drop me a note at  You may see more images of #77 by clicking on the link below.  This historic image is courtesy of Larry Muncie.


  1. So it's a different building than the current school? Did the school sit where the golf course is now? Also, have you heard anything about the school that may or may not have existed across the street from this location? Great work as usual and thanks Bill!

  2. The previous school sat on just about the same location as the current one. Based upon the photos it looks like the current school (1952) was built just to the north. You will note the brick double on Arlington just across the street and you can get an idea about the placement of the original "portable" building constructed in the early 1930s. I do not have any information yet about the schoolhouse that might have been across the street. I will keep you posted. Bill