Saturday, December 15, 2012

Downey Avenue Christian Church Youth Group--1930

Many of the local churches had active Sunday schools and youth groups.  Downey Avenue Christian Church's location one block north of the international headquarters for the the Disciples of Christ, made it a frequent subject in church newsletters sent all over the world.

In this photo, taken in 1930, local youth complete their exhibits for "Parent's Day." Pictured in this photo:   unknown girl, Christine Bruckman, Russell Barnett, Anna Vert, unknown boy, Betty Flay

How do some photos survive through time and others are lost forever?  In the case of this image, the provenance is quite interesting.  After the photo was taken, it was used in a church promotional.  Many years later, Florence Carmichael (an aunt to musician Hoagy Carmichael), decided to go through her files since she had made the decision to retire from the Disciples of Christ Education Division.  She came upon the photo and saw Christine Bruckman in the picture.  Miss Bruckman had become Mrs. Rouse and worked on the third floor of the Missions building so Mrs. Carmichael sent the photo downstairs. Mrs. Rouse kept the photo and later shared it with her son, Don Rouse, who lent it to me for this blog.  Mrs. Carmichael could have have easily thrown the photo away or it could have become lost over the years.  You will note that the children are standing in a building that was torn down to make way for the current church in the early 1950s.  One other any interesting note is that Russell Barnett was the father of Steve Barnett, who has been the Director of the Irvington Historical Society for many years.

This image is courtesy of Don Rouse.

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