Sunday, August 10, 2014

A View from Our Lady of Lourdes, 1954 and 2014

Gloria Pirtle beamed as she ascended the stairs along with her mother, Ona Pirtle, at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church on East Washington Street on November 27, 1954. An unusual snowstorm had struck the city of Indianapolis only hours earlier. The cold temperatures kept the snow on the ground but did not prevent her guests from witnessing her marriage to Julius Becker. (5621 Beechwood Avenue)

Behind the two ladies, you can see the large house at 5332 East Washington Street on the left and the double located at 5334-36 East Washington Street.  The larger home had been carved into apartments by 1954.  Mary Stamper and Clayton Spindler were listed in the larger dwelling in the 1954 Polk's City Directory.  Several families resided in the double next door including the Crichfields, Williamses, McDavitts, and Johantgens.

On her wedding day:  Gloria Pirtle walked into Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church with her mother, Ona Pirtle, on November 27, 1954.

5332 and 5334-36 East Washington Street in 2014
The historic image is courtesy of Suzette Hagan.  

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