Saturday, August 23, 2014

On Their Way--1954

Julius and Gloria Becker, dashed to their car, a Willys-Overland, to begin their honeymoon.  The couple had just married at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church earlier in the day.  Behind the pair, you can see the bungalow at 5602 Beechwood Avenue as it looked on November 27, 1954.  John and Hazel Hack lived in that dwelling in the mid-1950s. You can also see the rear of several homes that faced South Audubon Road.

Newlyweds!  Gloria and Julius Becker smile and laugh as they head out for their honeymoon on November 27, 1954. Their car is parked in the driveway of the Becker home at 5621 Beechwood Avenue. Behind the couple, you can see 5602 Beechwood Avenue.  
The historic image is courtesy of Suzette Hagan.  


  1. I'm really enjoying this "story", if you will. Whenever I drive or walk through historic neighborhoods such as Irvington, I find myself wondering what it was like back in the day. And really, there aren't enough people out there preserving the stories of America from I consider its most ascendant period. Our modern way of life was born in neighborhoods like Irvington.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. You nailed my sentiments as to why I started this blog. What happened here? Who lived there? What was this place like? Thanks for your encouragement! Sincerely, Bill