Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Becker Family Moves into Beechwood Avenue Home--1947

Wilmer Horace and Dorothy Nevins Becker moved into 5621 Beechwood Avenue in 1947. They were only the third family to dwell in the home. The house served briefly as a sorority for Butler University in the 1920s.  Mr. Becker was involved in several businesses.  He owned Studebaker and Overland auto franchises in several cities including Indianapolis. Eventually, he specialized in spare parts for various automobiles. His granddaughter, Suzette Hagan, referred to him as a resourceful "wheeler-dealer!" Mrs. Becker stayed home and raised their son Julius.  She was very active at Our Lady of Lourdes church and was an avid bridge player. Members of the Becker family have continuously owned and lived in the house since 1947. The house is currently undergoing an extensive renovation.

Wedding Cake:  Ona Pirtle (mother of the bride) and Dorothy and Wilmer Becker stand in library of their home at 5621 Beechwood Avenue on November 27, 1954. They hosted the reception for their son Julius who married Gloria Pirtle.

Indy 500 Gift:  Racing celebrities looked on as W.H. Becker, Indianapolis Studebaker dealer delivered a new ’49 truck to the Speedway City Fire Department. Left to Right: H.R. Morrissey, district manager; Mauri Rose, three-time winner of the 500 mile race; Becker; F.W. Bulmer, fire chief; Ted Horn, national racing champion; Ab Jenkins, automobile record holder; Harry Hartz, former national automobile racing champion; Lee Oldfield, chairman of the AAA technical committee 

Becker Motors used to be located at 420 North Capitol Avenue in Indianapolis. Mr. Becker owned several other dealerships all over the Midwest.  This building has been demolished. 

Ladies of the Club:  Members of Mrs. Becker's bridge club came to the wedding reception of her son on November 27, 1954 at 5621 Beechwood Avenue. Mrs. Becker is the second woman seated from the left. We do not know the names of the other ladies.  

5621 Beechwood Avenue in the early spring of 2014
The historic photos and information for this post are courtesy of Suzette Hagan. To see earlier views of this beautiful home click on the Forsythe Family link below.  

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