Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Wedding Reception Along Beechwood Avenue--1954

It had been a joyful day for the Becker and Pirtle families. At 11:00AM on November 27, 1954, Julius Becker married Gloria Pirtle at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. A snowstorm had struck the city of Indianapolis earlier that day. The Becker family of 5621 Beechwood Avenue hosted the wedding reception at their lovely home. Neighbors all along the block would have noticed many automobiles parked along the quiet street as the snow began to melt. Inside the home, joy and laughter emanated as friends and family feted the couple. As with all newlyweds, joy, sadness, worry, and peace awaited them, but on this day and on this block there was only excitement and hope. The historic photos were taken by a photographer named Conolly.

Mothers' Joy:  Gloria Pirtle Becker and Julius Becker showed off their new rings to their moms,  Ona Pirtle and  Dorothy Becker, on November 27, 1954, inside the Becker home at 5621 Beechwood Avenue.  

Pirtle Kin at 5621 Beechwood Avenue on November 27, 1954: Seated--Eva Crawl,  Grace and Leonard Pirtle, Ona Pirtle, Jessie Besier with her baby, James Besier; Standing--Lester Crawl, Julius and Gloria Pirtle Becker, Louis Besier, Larry Crawl

Illinois relatives of the Becker family gathered in the living room of the Becker home at 5621 Beechwood Avenue for this photo on November 27, 1954

Reception:  The bride, Gloria Pirtle Becker, visited with her guests at her wedding reception at the home of her in laws,  at 5621 Beechwood Avenue on November 27, 1954.

Newlyweds, Julius and Gloria Pirtle Becker cut the first slice from the wedding cake on November 27, 1954, at the Becker home at 5621 Beechwood Avenue.  

5621 Beechwood Avenue in 2014
The historic images are courtesy of Suzette Hagan.  


  1. Spectacular wedding ceremony!! That beautiful and huge cake is just fabulous. These photos have made me absolutely inspired for my own wedding theme. I personally think that the vintage inspired wedding at one of the local New York wedding venues would be perfect for us.