Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emerson Avenue Baptist Sunday School Graduates--1948 and 1956

Emerson Avenue Baptist Church has been an important institution in the neighborhood since 1921.  Located at the northwest corner of North Emerson Avenue and East Michigan Street, the church used to be sheathed in brick but was later covered in Bedford Stone after some significant additions.  In these two photos, both taken in the mid-twentieth century, you can see the brick facades.  In the case of the 1948 image, we have the names of every child in the photo.  The opposite is true for the 1956 image so if you recognize anyone let us know!

Back Row: (left to right) Jackie Weninger, Linda McKay, Vickie Visom, Susan Page, Billie O’Connell, Kenneth Fromer, Steven Self, David Bradbury, Harold Wilson

Front Row:  (left to right) Barbara Azbell, Betty Lou Page, Patty Windel, Johnny Shannon, Hilda Powers, Linda Mosier, Christine Davis, Judy Fleehearty; This was photo was taken on September 26, 1948

Emerson Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School Graduates in 1956
The historic images are courtesy of Barbara Sanders.  To see a contemporary photo of the church click on the address link below.  

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