Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eastgate Shopping Mall--c. 1959

Eastgate Shopping Mall opened along Shadeland Avenue between East Washington Street and Tenth Street in 1957.  This early photograph of the mall shows the Wasson's Department Store branch.  The main store was located in downtown Indianapolis.  Wasson's catered to a middle class crowd and operated in the mall for many years.  This building has hosted other commercial interests as well including the Burlington Coat factory in the 1990s.  Harold Crook, an amateur photographer who dwelled at 63 North Irwin Avenue, photographed the new store shortly after it opened.  Eastgate spelled doom for many Irvington merchants as eastside residents flocked to the new site instead of patronizing the neighborhood stores.  Some Irvington businesses abandoned the East Washington Street commercial corridor and moved into Eastgate.

This historic image is courtesy of Don and Lisa Flick.

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