Saturday, April 20, 2013

Butler University Visible in Family Photo--1936

The students and faculty of Butler University had been gone for seven years by the time the Bailey family posed for this photo in 1936.  Willa Sammis Bailey and her children David and Mildred gathered at the Sammis home (her parents' home) at 256 South Emerson Avenue.  Although they are the subject of this photo, the ghostly image of the abandoned campus stands behind them.  Within four years, most of the campus would be demolished for housing.

Willa, David, and Milred Bailey gathered for a photo at 256 South Emerson Avenue in 1936.  Behind them, you can see Butler University's Irvington campus.  

I am especially grateful to David Bailey, a regular contributor to this blog, who keeps finding these amazing shots from his family collection.  To learn more about this family or to see other images of the campus click on the links provided below.