Sunday, April 14, 2013

IPS #85 Images--1948 and 1951

By the late 1920s, southern Irvington was largely developed.  With the construction of numerous homes, many younger families moved into the neighborhood necessitating the erection of School #85 in the 300 block of South Arlington.  Completed in 1928, the school was named for music teacher and author George B. Loomis.  Mr. Loomis had published music books for school students and his textbooks were widely used around the United States.  He eventually became Superintendent of Music for all of the Indianapolis Public Schools.

School #85 in the 300 block of South Arlington on April 14, 2013

Entrance to School #85 

In the third image, taken in 1948, several boys gathered at the front doors of School #85. Some of the boys have been identified as:  Duane Whipple, Bruce Stewart, Jim Kollicher, Jim Burk, Bob Reed, Jerry Semler, Wayman Acres, John Robertson, and Chuck Vogt.

Several boys from School #85 (South Arlington) gathered for a photo in 1948

The fourth image, taken in 1951, shows the eighth grade class of 1951. Pictured: Front Row--L to R-David Wright, Duane Whipple, Bill Ebert, Jim Koelliker, Jean Ann Edens, John Robertson, Bob Reed. Top Row:  Suzanne Hoffman, Chuck Vogt, Lee Koertge, ?, ?, Jim Burk, Charlene Settles.  If you recognize anyone else from this photo then drop me a note at

Members of the eighth grade class of 1951 from School #85

The contemporary images show the school in 2013.  The building has been readapted for offices and is in remarkable shape.  The historic images are courtesy of Chuck and Joyce Vogt.

School #85 on April 14,  2013

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